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Sedum bithynicum 'Sea Stars'

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You're taking your morning walk along the beach and something, an odd color, catches you eye. You kneel down in the cool sand and pick up the most beautiful piece of beach glass you've ever seen. Its corners are rounded and smooth hinting at a voyage beneath the waves long in both time and distance. The soothing blue-green color is peaceful, relaxing. It reminds you of the Sea Stars that have graced your garden these many years. You slip the treasure into your pocket and keep walking. The surf breaks and hisses at your feet. It's going to be a very good day.


Sedum bithynicum is a very low-growing, mat-forming stonecrop (also commonly called Turkish sedum) that grows to only 1-2” tall but spreads to 12” wide or more. Creeping and rooting stems slowly spread to create a heavenly bluish-green carpet. Tiny, star-shaped, white flowers bloom in clusters on brown flowering stems (to 2” tall) in late summer. Tiny, rounded light blue-gray leaves (to 1/4”) are semi-evergreen in winter. This Sedum is one of our favorites for growing on stone walls or in planters to let it grow and spill over the sides. Easily grown in average, dry to medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun. Tolerates some light shade. Needs good soil drainage to perform well. Avoid over watering. Drought tolerant. Plants may be sited 12” apart when grown as a ground cover. Zones 5-8

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