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Red Sempervivum 'Hens & Chicks'

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Next time you're at a cocktail party mention that you recently ordered some members of the Crassulaceae. You'll either get slow nods of knowing approval or blank stares of confusion. Next drop some Latin by stating that they are members of the genus Sempervivum which translates to 'always-living' and leave to freshen your drink. Good times.

These long lasting and drought tolerant succulents are perfect for rock gardens or planters. Most folks know these plants as "Hens & Chicks" and somehow everyone's grandmother had these growing in their garden at one time or another. The name 'Hens & Chicks' comes from the growth habit of baby plants growing and surrounding the mother plant over time. A classic perennial. Best planted in clumps with Sedum and other succulents. Zones 4-9, Height 2-3"

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