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Jovibarba aka 'Beard of Jove'

Jovibarba is the genus name for approximately six species of mat-like perennials, although some botanists claim there are only three distinct species. Also called the beard of Jove, Jovibarba is native to the mountainous areas of Europe. This genus of plant is grown for its thick symmetrical rosettes of leaves and bell-like flowers. Easy to grow, the species in the genus Jovibarba are often planted in rock gardens, along alpine walls, inside troughs, and even within alpine homes.

The genus Jovibarba is related very closely to another genus, Sempervivum. Some botanists classify Jovibarba as a subgenus of Sempervivum, however most prefer to separate the two genera. The main difference between the two species is the petal count. Jovibarbas have flowers with six petals, while Sempervivum have more than six petals.

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