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We try to charge a fair price for both our plants and for shipping. Some websites add enormous shipping charges at check out. We don't do that, in fact we do exactly the opposite. We have a simple tiered shipping rate structure that goes like this;

$1 to $19.99 S&H = $5.99

$20 to $29.99 S&H = $7.98

$30 to $39.99 S&H = $9.97

$40 to $49.99 S&H = $11.95

$50 to $59.99 S&H = $12.95


Basically it would be silly to place an order for less than $60 but who am I to judge. If you are a true plant fiend and have gone over the deep end please call me for special shipping rates on orders over $500. Who knows, I may just deliver them myself.


"We are collectors. We see things of great beauty and we must have them." George Costanza

Free Shipping over $60


Free Shipping Day 12/18/2015!

All orders placed on 12/18/15 will receive Free Shipping! Just use the coupon code Free Shipping Day! at checkout. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Sedum Garden!

Free Shipping Day December 18th!

We are participating in Free Shipping Day along with hundreds of other online sites on December 18th! Please follow  this link and stock up on great Sedum and succulents with...

Cyber Monday Sedum Sale!

Use the code cybermonday to receive 15% off of all sedum and succulent purchases through 11/30/15! Thank you!


We promise to only send you good things.